About Us

cropped-coping.pngThe Misophonia Provider Network was formed by the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN) in order to connect sufferers to a cross-disciplinary assortment of professionals. The IMRN works closely with its providers to ensure that the best possible standards and practices are followed at all times. In order to be listed as a provider, professionals must ensure that they have a competent knowledge of misophonia.

The IMRN was formed to facilitate cross disciplinary research in misophonia and conditions related to auditory over-responsivity. Founded by Jennifer Brout, PsyD, the IMRN aims to connect sufferers and researchers to accurate and current information related to the disorder. The IMRN consists of sufferers and doctors working together to support science that leads to treatment and better practice standards for misophonia. The IMRN  facilitates research through crowd sourcing and other funding strategies. We are in the trenches with you and together we will make the research happen. We do not accept any donations ourselves, we fundraise for researchers we choose.

There are different kinds of therapists who can offer support, and teach you physiologically based and mental strategies to help you cope with misophonia. You can lead a productive life while we gain ground with research. However, you should be wary of anyone who claims they have “the cure” or who promises high success rates for misophonia treatment, until more research is done and we have more evidence.

Please be wary of false cures, and further-more, if a person is recommending drugs please note that there is no medical basis for this. You may talk to your doctor about medications but do not take unsolicited medical advice on medication via the internet. This is extremely dangerous and your health hangs in the balance.