If you’re interested in becoming a Misophonia provider, please fill out an application. You will hear back shortly.

To Become a Level 1 Misophonia Provider please have the following:

  • accreditation in one of the listed fields
  • attend 1 Misophonia Workshop through www.misophoniaeducation.com. These webinars are hosted by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout of the IMRN. Please attach proof of attendance to your submission.

Please note we will be changing these guidelines in the future.

Become a Provider

  • This is necessary to add you to the map.
  • Provide your biography for your listing. Also include any websites, social media pages, etc that you'd like included. Please do not double space after periods.
  • Please provide a photo for your listing.
    Please note, courses that are not listed are not eligible.
  • Please ensure you are using the correct email that you signed up for the webinar with, as we need to confirm you attended.