Christine (Chris) Robinson, B. Sc. OT, Reg. (Ont.) OTR

Christine (Chris) Robinson, B. Sc. OT, Reg. (Ont.) OTR

Ontario, Canada


Christine (Chris) Robinson, B. Sc. OT, Reg. (Ont.) OTR, Occupational Therapist with expertise in Sensory Processing, Shanker Method® Provider, DIR® Floortime Expert Provider, training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy , and a solid foundation in psychophysiological self-regulation theory, brings a playful, insightful and supportive approach to her in person and SKYPE sessions.  Sensory Profile 2  to assess for the sensory aspects of self-regulation now available!
I, Christine (Chris) Robinson, enjoy working with children, adolescents and adults who are having difficulties behaviourally and emotionally, such that they are struggling to become calm and regulated enough to be engaged fully in their own lives. My clients have a variety of developmental, emotional, and learning difficulties. Whenever appropriate, I prefer to involve the family to support learning and transformation for the family as well as for the individual.
My psychodynamic approach looks like play and conversation therapy with younger children, and somatic-based psychotherapeutic work with teens and adults, as we deal with developmental, situational, relational and trauma-based issues that are getting in the way of the individual’s ability to function.
As an Occupational Therapist practicing in the area of mental health, I bring my functional, developmental and sensory-system based lens to my work with individuals and families. This creates a unique approach, that allows us together to create appropriate take-home activities for the individual client and family where appropriate.

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